My name is Kévin Barré, I live in Concarneau (Brittany, France), where I work at the Ecological and Conservation Sciences Center (CESCO, UMR7204) of the National Museum of Natural History as PhD ecologist in conservation biology. I am also an avid naturalist for many years and I am interested in some taxa.

In such a changing world which increasingly threats global biodiversity and in turn humanity, I find photography and scientific research play complementary roles in attempting to change practices, views and lost human-nature relationship.

Enjoy nature in more artistic and contemplative ways such as photography is an efficient tool for me to relax and dream, to get out a too much often pessimist daily in our research work in ecology.

Through my pictures I don't seek rare species but rather a light, aesthetics, behavior and composition. I am convinced that image is one of the last ways to convince people who are skeptical of science and its conclusions that there is an urgent need for action, and that each of us can play a role.